Iceland College

A competition entry for the extension of a college in South Iceland

d u s t is always on the hunt for opportunities to flex our creative muscle and win new work, as with the Naglinn competition, which called for entries for an extension to a vocational high school in Selfoss, southern Iceland. The building required a budget-conscious solution that would meet the school’s programme needs and, crucially, provide an inspiring environment to learn. The unique form in our proposals makes the most of northern daylight and addresses the pervading issue of howling strong winds; likewise, we specified materials that are sustainable, durable, low maintenance and readily available in the area. We imagined dark corrugated aluminium – a staple in Icelandic buildings – on the exterior, with natural plywood and polished concrete floors inside. A glass hallway connects the new and old building, which would be reconfigured with new classrooms and workspaces to extend its life.

type: competition
date: april 2013
client: Iceland College
status: completed
team: Jan Dobrowolski
Anna Karlsdottir