Wroughton Road

A full rebuild and extension of an end of terrace property in Clapham, SW London.

The crux of the brief for Wroughton Road was to transform a 3-bed, end of terrace house in Clapham into a contemporary 5-bed home. Bought in 2013 and completed the following year, the property was renovated with an open-plan kitchen and a ground floor, rear extension that gave the family 15sqm of extra space. A pocket door and timber cladding makes a seamless effect from inside to outside, while an overhanging canopy carves out a protected area to sit between the kitchen and the north-facing garden. Upstairs, our team designed a 25sqm hip-to-gable roof addition with a cantilevered, frameless glass corner that gives unobstructed views of London - an unusual flourish that wouldn’t normally be granted permission but for our reputation with local planners.

type: residential
date: jan 2014
client: private
status: completed
team: Richard Sharp