Canford Road

Rear ground floor and first floor extension with full refurbishment of Victorian terraced house in Clapham.

For a relatively small terraced house in Clapham, this property on Canford Road has been redesigned by d u s t to maximise every last centimetre of space. By extending into the loft, the Victorian home was stretched from a 3-bed to a 4-bed property – adding substantial value and much needed living space for our client. Widening and lengthening the kitchen space at the rear has added new ways for the family to use the common area and kitchen, with natural light now flooding in and creating a seamless link with the garden. A distinctive project detail is the burnt ash cladding used on the rear façade – a rich, dark material that sets off the brickwork of surrounding properties and the zinc cladding on the new loft.

type: residential
date: sept 2017
client: private
status: completed
images: Ian Harding Photography
team: Sam Aldridge